Salary Packaging Cards

Living Expenses Card

The easy and tax effective way to purchase your everyday expenses.

Your Living Expenses Card covers most purchases that are made for you and your family’s everyday needs.

For example:

  • Insurances (Home, Life, Car, Health)
  • Groceries
  • Electricity/Gas bills
  • Phone/internet
  • Travel
  • Airline tickets
  • School fees and much more...

Entertainment Card

For those that love to dine out, socialise, host events and holiday, this is the card and the package for you.

Dining Out

Your Meal Entertainment Card allows you to dine out with a partner, friends or family (including drinks) and purchase the expenses with pre-tax dollars. Available at most cafes, restaurants, bars, bistros and hotels.

Special Events

Any special occasions on the horizon? Food and beverages for events such as birthdays, engagements, weddings and Christmas parties can also be packaged, even venue hire.

Holiday Accommodation

Planning a holiday is now even better, as your holiday accommodation can be packaged through your Meal Entertainment benefit, including trips overseas!

How It Works & Card Benefits

Spend Smart and Save Smart

How does it work?

  1. You determine the amount of pre-tax dollars to allocate from your salary each pay period.
  2. This budget is transferred into your Salary Packaging account.
  3. Your Living Expenses card is directly linked to the funds in this account, for you to begin your savings hassle-free.

Card Benefits

  • Enjoy the freedom of using your card anywhere in Australia and overseas that Visa is accepted
  • Pay for purchases up to $100 using Visa PayWave
  • Pay for bills over the phone and online using your card number
  • View your card balance and activity using your MyCardPlus Mobile App or your Beyond Bank internet banking service

Packaging benefits

Meal Entertainment is an additional benefit to your current Salary Packaging options. Contact your Salary Packaging Administrator regarding how much you can package on your card.

Looking to get started?

Call our friendly team at MyCardPlus on 1300 26 15 59 and we’ll get you set up to begin your savings.